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NOIA is a university festival that was born at a Brazilian public university, on the initiative of students who wanted to produce their films and find exhibition spaces.

brand and poster of the first NOIA Festival

It all started in 2002 and both Culture and Education in Brazil were at a very different point from now. The event accompanied this transformation: it was right, it was wrong, it was learned, it deepened reflections and follows a trajectory marked by growth and the construction of relevance.

In this 22nd edition of NOIA, we begin a stage that reveals a little of this transformation: in addition to the new visual identity, we will strengthen our relationship with all black and brown people who have always embraced NOIA as a place of diversity, colors and races.

We value the national and international dialogues that we have always had, as our history is built on the rebellion and restlessness present in university audiovisual. And it is from here that it goes to other places, in itineraries and parallel circulation programs.

Our focus is university productions, but our audience is not just made up of students and professors. There are people interested in Cinema, professionals from different areas, researchers, families. Anyone who lives or is passing through Fortaleza will find excellent films, interesting conversations, diverse meetings, moments of leisure and learning at NOIA.

To begin our journey in 2024, we have opened registrations to receive Brazilian and international short films, made by university students and extension course students. It was a very simplified and free process. To do this, we use the best possible platform for short film submissions from all over the planet: FILMFREEWAY . Registration was until May 17th.

The event will take place from August 20th to 25th, at Cinema do Dragão do Mar and Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste.

Sign up, publicize and participate in NOIA. We already have more than 20 years of stories in the past and a present that is built by the sum of the contributions of all of us.

The 22nd edition of the NOIA Festival is held by PROPONO Consultoria Cultural and the Ministry of Culture via Lei Rouanet, sponsored by Banco do Nordeste do Brasil – BNB. This project is supported by the Secretariat of Culture of the State of Ceará and the Secretariat of Culture of the Municipality of Fortaleza, with resources from the Paulo Gustavo Law (Complementary Law n. 195/2022), in partnership with the Dragão do Mar Institute and the Centro Dragon of the Sea of Art and Culture. The promotion is from Canal FDR, Jornal O Povo, Fundação Demócrito Rocha, Fundação Roberto Marinho and Canal Futura.


  • Result of the university film selection: June 28

  • Workshop registration: August 1st to 9th

  • Event: August 20th to 25th


Mostra Brasileira de Cinema Universitário

Mostra Cearense de Cinema Universitário 

Mostra Internacional de Cinema Universitário

Mostra de um longa-metragem homenageado

Mostra NOIA Kids com Acessibilidade

Mostra Multilinguagem


Seminário e Fórum do Audiovisual Universitário

Debates pós sessões

Vivências Artísticas

Cerimônia de Premiação


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