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Ianca Santos de Oliveira


Ianca Santos de Oliveira


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Art Director​

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Ianca Santos de Oliveira & Jacilene de Lima Santos


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Ianca Santos de Oliveira

director biography


Tá Fazendo Sabão is an essayistic film that portrays the construction of the identity and sexuality of the black child. It is narrated and documented in the first person. The film's plot presents the affective bonds that unite the little tomboy with the black women in her family in a timeless and surreal performance.

Tá Fazendo Sabão


Project Title (Original Language)

Tá Fazendo Sabão





Shooting Format

Digital, mp4

Aspect Ratio


Film Color


State, Country/Language

Bahia, Brasil/Português

Student Project

Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia

A black Woman and dyke from Santo Amaro - Bahia, she has a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia - UFRB. Distance postgraduate course in progress: MBA in Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Business - Instituto Legado in Curitiba. She participates in the Research and Extension group in Art, Image and Visualities of the Scene (VISU) at UFRB. She was a member of the PET Tutorial Education Program - Cinema between 2018 and 2021. CEO Aterrar Produções, where she developed the project 1 FILM PER MONTH during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, she was selected in the black entrepreneurship program Pretas Potências of Feira Preta, which had the support of Black Princess and the sponsorship of Instituto Alok. In the second half of 2022 she was part of the Social Entrepreneurs program at Alpargatas S.A. (company that owns the “Havaianas” brand). In 2023, she participated in the formation of Creators Negros da Inventivos together with Meta-"Your voice in any reality". She currently works as a director, editor, screenwriter, performer, production assistant and videographer in academic and independent productions.

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