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Victoria began her career with her entry into Ciclic's scriptwriting residency in France. With a strong desire to make films that represent her French-Congolese heritage, Victoria solidified her education through the prestigious La Résidence program at La Fémis with her thesis short film PEMA, which was bought by Canal+ and has garnered several awards and festival screenings around the world. Victoria has directed a short film for the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, which will soon be broadcasted on Arte in 2024. She is currently working on her next short movie, scheduled to be filmed in 2024.

director biography



Victoria Neto


Elodie Olounou


Tommy Boulet

Art Director​

Fanny Schlemmer


Maude Vuillez, Théophile Cauchat & Lana Limar


Guillaume Seeleuthner & Shveta Naidoo


Alexandre Gneouchev


Maryam Makosso & Tarik Kariouh


Rushing from the chaos of her student job, up the never ending staircase of her apartment building, Danielle, a West African-French student, calculates that she has enough time to change from her work clothes before her final sociology exam in 20 minutes. Her under maintained shoebox apartment has other plans. Yanis, a young concierge, comes to help and tries to fix the ancient door lock that has trapped her. As time trickles past the two strangers find an unexpected solidarity, with only a door to separate them.

Director Statement:
In a realistic approach, I want to show the mounting pressure of this young woman who is simply chasing time until she runs out of breath. Breathless as a theme are the words that immediately spoke to me when I read the script by Élodie Olounou. The blocked door symbolises not just a material malfunction, but figuratively an obstacle for redemption. For both characters the feelings of exasperation, of pain, of arduousness for a breath of relief are relatable to all young people of France and the world at large.

Beyond the Door


Project Title (Original Language)



Comedy-Drama, Drama



Shooting Format


Aspect Ratio


Film Color




Student Project

La Fémis / filmakademie baden-württemberg

follow the director’s networks


follow the director’s networks


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